Thosai Way to Eat Healthy

23 May (Sun) 2pm

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Thosai also known as Dosa is a light and delicate crepe-like pancake. It is traditionally made with fermented batter of ground rice and lentils and served with chutney and a flavourful lentil and vegetable gravy Sambar. Thosai is long known to be a healthy food that aids digestion if made properly. 

However, a typical thosai served at most food stalls and restaurants are made of four to five parts of rice and one part lentil, which makes it loaded with carbohydrates. 

In this class, Chef Devagi is going to walk you through THREE different healthy, thosai and TWO very healthy chutneys, as well as a Potato Korma to pair with them. Gather around and learn to make your own thosai that you can serve as an alternative breakfast item for the family.


1. Buckwheat Paneer Masala Thosai

A gluten free thosai that is light and friendly to the tummy. A definite everyday breakfast item. 

2. Rava Thosai

No fermentation nor blender is needed, yet you get a crispy, tasty and lacy textured thosai.

3. Pesarattu Thosai

A ninety nine percent mung beans thosai that is vegan and packed with proteins!

4. Paneer Masala

Spicy Indian cottage cheese with vegetables.

5. Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney

The Indian forefathers were practising earth ethics long ago when they used this ingenious idea to turn out a good healthy chutney!

6. Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Onion Chutney

You can either roast this over direct flame  or use other ways to make this distinct, smoky flavoured irresistible chutney.

7. Potato Korma

A delicious gravy made in Indian-restaurant style! 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. Available on ZOOM. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated and a recipe pack. Food samples can be collected by ZOOM participants after class. Delivery can be arranged at a small fee. 


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