Spice up your Sambal Skills

Spice up your Sambal Skills

17 Nov (Sun) 2pm

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17 November (Sunday) 2:00pm - 5:00pm : 3

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In Singapore, whether you’re sitting at a hawker centre or a high-end restaurant or shopping at a supermarket, you are never far from sambal. Sambal, for many Singaporeans is like tomato ketchup to an American, it goes with everything - fried rice, fried fish, topped on a steak, mixed through an omelette or in a soup or with noodles. 

This multi-purpose relish can be fiery hot or mild and comes in many hues of colours. In fact, there may be thousands of variations of a sambal!

Chef Devagi, who is also known as Spice Queen, takes you on a journey of making FIVE different sambals that can be used for hundreds of dishes!!


1. Sambal Belachan + Pineapple & Cucumber Salad

An ubiquitous chilli paste or condiment made with fresh chillies, shrimp paste and lime juice.

2. Sambal Tumis + Sambal Udang (Prawns)

The sambal that can be used in many ways – as a topping, to be cooked with or to be packed into a jar. It can keep for days in the fridge or given as a gift to a loved one!

3. Sambal Hijau + Ayam Bakar (Roasted Chicken Wings)

Refreshingly different, this green chilli sambal holds its own against its more fiery red-hot cousins!

4. Sambal Matah + Fried Brinjal

Raw, spicy, tangy and aromatic sambal – perfect to serve with salads or top fried fish or chicken.

5. Sambal Kichap + Fried Tofu and Tempeh

A tasty, invigorating sweet and spicy, no-fuss condiment with sweet soy sauce, chillies, shallots and other ingredients.


Demonstration by Chef

Food Tasting

Participants will sample all the items. 

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.


Devagi Sanmugam

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