Shanghai Street Food (3rd class)

Shanghai Street Food (3rd class)

6 Jun (Sun) 1pm

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6 June (Sunday) 1:00pm - 4:30pm : 8

$180 for onsite participants.

$171 for zoom participants. Key in discount code - ZOOM5.

There is fantastic street food all over the world but Shanghai has some particularly tasty dishes that have become famous over the years.


1. Sheng Jian Bao

Together with Vivian, we will perfect the succulent Sheng Jian Bao with their crispy golden bottoms and juicy pork filling. Mastering the right technique is very crucial, so you will get to try firsthand how to roll the dough, make the filling, fold the dumplings and steam fry the finished product.

2. Shou La Mian with Mapo Tofu topping

These hand-pulled noodles look incredibly difficult but it’s easier than you think if you know a few tricks using normal pantry items. Topping these noodles is a Mapo Tofu topping and taste a typical Shanghainese cong you mian version with homemade spring onion oil.

3. Jian Bing

The perfect breakfast food with just the right combination of flavours and textures - crispy, savoury and all sorts of goodness wrapped up in a thin fragrant crepe.  


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. Available on ZOOM. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated and a recipe pack. Food samples can be collected by ZOOM participants after class. Delivery can be arranged at a small fee. 



Vivian Pei

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