Rollin' Good Cakes 2

7 Oct (Sun) 2.30pm

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Light, elegant, pretty and fancy, roll cakes are such versatile cakes. Chef Pan's creations are not only delicious but are full of learning techniques in each cake. Gain mastery over a various different types of souffle and sponge cakes and fillings. and you can go on to create endless possibilities on your own!


1. Latte Macchiato Roll 

This fluffy and delicate coffee aromatic cake is perfectly paired with a rich creamy latte macchiato cheese filling. Coated with a caramelised walnut crunch, this roll cake is set to shine in a tea party. 

2. Raspberry Roll

A soft souffle cake made with raspberry puree encasing a mildly sweet light and refreshing whipped cream and berry jam. 

3. Berry Financier 

A classic evergreen fine and moist small cake made with aromatic brown butter and ground hazelnuts, packed with fresh berries and dried fruits. Something more than a classic. 


Demonstration by Chef.

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home all the demonstrated items and a recipe pack. Packaging will be included. 

Jeffery Pan
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