Princess Layers 2

8 Feb | 21 Mar

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8 February (Saturday) 12:00pm-3:30pm : 7
21 March (Saturday) 12:00pm - 3:30pm : 12

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Appealing contrasts of taste, texture and colour are hallmarks of all the most beloved and favourite kuehs. Christopher returns with all-new steamed, stirred and baked kueh talam recipes which illuminate the ways local and regional cuisines take flavour combining to the next level!


1. Kueh Talam Keladi

Taro and purple sweet potato join forces to flavour this pretty ‘ombre’ three-layer Malay kueh. A topping of smooth and lightly salted coconut milk custard complements the earthy sweetness of the root vegetables.

2. Talam Sagu Myanmar

Christopher’s version of a traditional Myanmar dessert called thar gu byin, this kueh pairs a bottom layer of springy sago pearls with a top layer of luscious, creamy coconut milk and condensed milk custard, browned under the grill for a delicious toasty caramelised flavour.

3. Martabak Bakar

A nostalgic and mouthwatering Malay dish, this recipe stacks spicy curried minced beef with onions and chillies between layers of savoury crackers, the whole soaked in a mixture of coconut milk and eggs and topped with grated cheese, then oven-baked until golden. You could describe this as a local distant cousin of lasagne or moussaka – an excellent potluck and party dish.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor with partial hands-on.

Take Home Items

Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

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