Penang Home Favorites 2

Penang Home Favorites 2

16 Jun (Sun) 9.30am I 2.30pm

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Another delicious selection of staple dishes from the Kong family kitchen, representing Penang’s culinary heritage. Quick to prepare but delivering loads of flavour for every minute invested, these absolute all-time favourites are classic comfort foods up north, and are sure to find fans further south too!

1. Penang Nyonya Assam Pelai

Assam Pelai - perhaps better known as Assam Pedas south of Penang - is a fish curry based on a simmered rempah, with a spicy kick, a sour punch, and an aromatic herbal oomph which will certainly wake up your tastebuds! Tamarind, chillies, laksa leaf, lemongrass and shallots give it plenty of zesty character. 

2. Ngor Hiang

A family favourite that appears at almost every festivity, special occasion and gathering, especially because it brings back childhood memories for many Penangites. The pairing of minced pork and fresh prawns is elevated by our homemade Nyonya five spice powder, giving this fried meat roll a robust, earthy and fragrant savour.

3. Ayam Kunyit

Turmeric is the golden darling of good health. This brilliant orange-fleshed root is beloved for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, not to mention the colourful hue it lends to food. Most importantly, it tastes delicious! Both fresh and dried turmeric are used to give this chicken dish its signature flavour and golden glow. 

4. Pickled Bitter Gourd

Learn the basics for pickling your own vegetables at home! A correctly balanced combination of acid, salt and sugar turns bittergourd into a tangy nibble that makes a refreshing and excellent snack, garnish or condiment to compliment meat and seafood dishes. 


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