Le Creuset - Breads Ahead 2

Le Creuset - Breads Ahead 2

16 June (Sat) 11am | 20 June (Wed) 130pm

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16 June (Sat) 11:00am - 3:00pm : 0
20 June (Wed) 1:30pm - 5:30pm : 10

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You can always rely on the heat-retaining powers of cast iron to turn out handsome, high-rising and heavenly home-made breads! Christopher’s latest loaf and bun recipes bring together savoury and sweet elements in new and unusual ways.

1. Honey Miso Butter Coronet Loaf

A silky, supple dough spread with honey and miso butter, then rolled and tucked into a crown-shaped loaf, and baked in a cast iron casserole. Richly browned on the outside, this savoury-sweet bread pulls apart into downy layers. Great for brunch and holiday buffets.

2. Triple Coconut Challah

This dairy-free, egg-enriched braided loaf has a unique fragrance, a shiny, chewy crust, and a fine and feathery crumb, thanks to the trio of coconut water, coconut sugar and coconut oil. Baked in a skillet for maximum rise, it is a perfect partner for spicy curries and hearty soups, and also makes excellent bread pudding.

3. Heaven & Earth Rolls *

Inspired by classic German flavours, and baked in a buffet casserole, these blushing-hued rolls unite ingredients from the earth (beetroot, onions and bacon) and from the heavens (juicy apples) for a divine combination of tastes. Moist, substantial and good enough to eat on their own.

*Dish contains pork.

Maximum of 12 participants.

Demonstration by Chef.

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.

Christopher Tan
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