Lamprais - History Baked in Banana Leaves

Lamprais - History Baked in Banana Leaves

1 Nov (Sun) 2pm

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When Sri Lanka was under the rule of the Dutch from 1640 until 1796, the Dutch Burghers (an ethnic group of mixed Dutch, Portuguese Burghers and Sri Lankan descent) came up with this delicacy known as lomprijst, lamprais (or lump rice). Chef Devagi shares with you the secrets of making the following dishes and then wrap and bake the rice and side dishes in banana leaves. The best way to savor lamprais is to mix everything well and eat it with your fingers and lick up the umami punch!


1. Prawn Blachung

A tasty condiment made of dried prawns, onions ; almost like a sambal belachan but not!

2. Three Meat Curry

A Lamb, pork and beef cooked into a delicious curry - three is better than one!

3. Wambatu Pahi

Sweet, tangy and spicy stir-fried brinjal.

4. Aromatic Yellow Rice 

Broth rich aromatic turmeric rice, a must-have for Lamprais. 


Demonstration by Chef.

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a recipe pack and a takeaway portion sample all the food items. Zoom participants can collect onsite or arrange for delivery at a small charge.


Devagi Sanmugam

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