Laksa Sayang Eh!

Laksa Sayang Eh!

7 Mar (Sat) 10.30am | 5.30pm

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The Malay peninsula and its surrounding region is home to a hundred (or more!) different laksas. These winning combinations of noodles, spiced broth and fresh vegetable, herb and fruit garnishes spells home and comfort for many communities. Join Nyonya Su Pei, Baba Jerry and Baba Christopher as we delve into classic and modern bowls of laksa and swim around in and savour the culture and stories behind them. Learn how to appreciate the differences between fresh, dried and home-made noodles, and how to properly balance the elements of a good, lip-smacking laksa.


Nyonya Su Pei & Baba Jerry:

1. Penang Nyonya Assam Laksa

This quintessential Penang dish pours a tangy, spicy fish-based broth made from mackerel, tamarind, shallots, and spices over rice noodles. On top go garnishes of cucumber strips, onions, mint leaves, pineapples and red chillies – Penangites add a drizzle of prawn paste (hay koh) to make it even more fragrantly savoury! Learn all the essential techniques to imbue the laksa with its signature deep and satisfying flavour: how to choose and process the fish, spice up and slow-cook the broth, and slice the garnishes for the proper mouthfeel.

2. Popiah Chnee

Descendants of Fujian spring rolls once traditionally sold by Penang’s wandering assam laksa hawkers, and meant to be eaten alongside the laksa. Popiah chnee are stuffed with shredded fresh vegetables, mushrooms, prawns and minced pork, whose sweet-savoury synergy and crispy shell are even more yummy if dipped into the assam laksa broth between bites. This delicious Peranakan-style popiah recipe will be your new favourite snack.

3. Cucur Ikan (Fish Fritters)

Tender on the inside, with a golden, softly crunchy crust, these fritters showcase the natural umami sweetness of fresh fish. Like popiah chnee, these were also sold by the assam laksa hawkers of yesteryear.

Baba Christopher:

4. Dry Laksa Lemak

Christopher’s family version of dry-fried southern style Nyonya laksa lemak. Lighter than the soup version, this is still laden with prawns, dried shrimp, sambal, coconut milk and laksa leaf, a favourite party dish for generations of Singaporeans.

5. Homemade Laksa Noodles with Laksa Leaf Pesto & Bonito Flakes

A modern twist on classic laksa flavours. First, learn to make laksa noodles from scratch (NB this is a different recipe to Christopher’s previously-taught Fresh Rice Vermicelli) with an easy dough that you can mix up hours in advance and later cook just before serving time. Then, dress your springy noodles with smoky bonito shavings and a fresh, zingy ‘pesto’ of laksa and coriander leaves, macadamia nuts and miso – and learn a secret (and all natural) tip for keeping your pesto bright green.

Demonstration by Chefs.

Food Tasting
Participants will taste all the demonstrated items.

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Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.

Christopher Tan & Nyonya Su Pei 


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