Kueh it Forward : Classic Savory Kueh (Repeat)

Kueh it Forward : Classic Savory Kueh (Repeat)

12 Dec (Sat) 1pm I 23 Jan (Sat) 1pm

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Comforting, filling, satisfying, soothing - is it any wonder these timeless and traditional savoury kuehs are so beloved? Learn all the tips and techniques you need to make and enjoy them at home.


1. Steamed Taro Cake (Wu Tau Koh)

Diced and crumbled fresh taro give this Cantonese favourite a hearty robustness and flavour, complemented by lup cheong (Chinese sausage), mushrooms and hay bee (dried shrimp). Equally good when fresh and soft, or pan-fried until golden.

2. Chee Cheong Fun

Rice noodle rolls served with a hoisin-based sauce, fried shallots, sesame seeds and spring onions. No special equipment needed – Christopher’s recipe uses a surprisingly simple stove-top method to make the silky, slippery noodle sheets.

3. Soon Kueh

These classic Teochew kuehs enclose a combination of bamboo shoots, bangkwang and mushrooms in a soft, lightly springy rice flour dough, for a winning contrast of multiple textures and tastes. 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor with partial hands-on.

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack. Local Zoom participants can arrange for delivery at a minimal charge. 


Christopher Tan
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