Home-made Noodles 2: Breakfast Favourites

Home-made Noodles 2: Breakfast Favourites

27 July (Sat) 11am | 3 Aug (Sun) 11am

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Christopher presents more from-scratch rice noodle recipes, this time for a pair of classic local breakfast items, plus some unusual and delicious twists.

1. Chee Cheong Fun

Rice noodle rolls served with a hoisin-based sauce, freshly fried shallots, sesame seeds and spring onions. No special equipment needed – Christopher’s recipe uses a surprisingly simple frying-pan method to make the silky, slippery noodle sheets.

2. Putu Mayam

Also known as string hoppers or idiyappam, these pressed-out rice noodle ‘pancakes’ are a world away from ready-made – when you make them yourself, they are wonderfully soft, tender and fragrant, eaten freshly steamed with grated coconut and (naturally coloured!) palm sugar.

3. Coconut & Cashew Lawariya

A Sri Lankan specialty and string hopper variation – putu mayam made with pandan-infused dough, folded around a filling of coconut cooked with palm sugar and cashew nuts, then steamed until luscious and tender.

4. Spicy Chicken Lawariya

A savoury version of the above, stuffed with an aromatic masala chicken mixture pan-fried with curry leaves, chillies and spices. A yummy fusion of putu mayam, roti jala, and a curry puff!


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

Take Home Items

Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

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