Festive Feasting with Le Creuset

27 Oct (Sat) 12pm

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27 October (Sat) 12:00pm - 3:30pm : 4

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Get a head start on your year-end party planning! Christopher’s new recipes for hearty special-occasion fare add a colonial fusion twist to traditional flavours; cast-iron ware helps these substantial and crowd-pleasing dishes to cook evenly and stay hot over the course of a meal.

1) Rebong Masak Lemak Pie: a classic Peranakan dish of succulent bamboo shoots cooked with pork ribs in a rich and spicy coconut milk gravy, transformed into a pot pie with a golden lid of butter and lard shortcrust pastry, baked separately for maximum flakiness.

2) Beef Cheek Semur: semur recipes are Dutch-Indonesian adaptations of Dutch smoor, or stew. This modern rendition braises beef cheeks with butter-fried onions, kicap manis, bay leaves and sweet spices for a mouthwatering result that goes equally well with hot rice, pasta or festive breads.

3) Bringhe: the Filipino descendant of Spanish paella and cousin of nasi kunyit, a colourful collation of chicken pieces, chorizo, and vegetables nestled in a bed of fragrant turmeric-infused glutinous rice, slow-cooked in a banana-leaf-lined casserole until it develops a scrumptious crust.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

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Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

Christopher Tan
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