Favourite Sweet Buns

11 Jun

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11 June (Sun) 12:00pm-4:00pm : 6

10% discount for returning participants.

We will never get tired of these soft buns that grew up with us since we were kids. Now you can learn to make them on your own using all natural ingredients and have them fresh and warm from the oven!

Master the foundations of making different types of buns using the 'Yukone' (gelatinised starch) method:

1. Hotdog bun
2. Tuna bun
3. Old-fashioned Cheese and Sugar bun
4. Coffee Roti
5. Cranberry Cream Cheese Bun (Demo & tasting)
6. Yam Bun (Bonus Recipe)
7. Crunchy Nutella Bun (Bonus Recipe)

Maximum Participants: 12

Hands-on by Chef/Instructor

Take Home Items
Participants will bring home samples of all the buns and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be provided.

Valerie Kong
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