Eurasian & Peranakan Must-Haves

14 Apr (Sun) 1.30pm | 20 Apr (Sat) 10am

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In this new menu from Chef Damian, we have selected some of the favourites from both the Eurasian and Peranakan cuisines. This selection is a mixture of the very popular, as well as, some lesser known dishes that use unique traditional ingredients. 

1. Singang 

This is a classic Eurasian dish made with deboned wolf herring slow-cooked in a flavorful and lightly spiced coconut paste. The flaky fish shreds that have absorbed the lemak sauce, are lovely when savoured with steamed rice. Traditionally the wolf herring has to be painstakingly deboned in the middle of the cooking, but Chef Damian will be teaching this dish with a deboned herring for easier handling.  

2. Pucuk Paku

A refreshing vegetables dish of tender Fiddlehead fern shoots cooked with sambal and prawns.  

3. Masak Lemak

A mixture of vegetables (Moringa leaves, Pennywort and tapioca leaves) cooked in an intense prawn broth, rempah and light coconut milk. The depth of flavour from the broth and spices is intoxicating. 

4. Kueh Kosui

No stranger to most, this steamed kueh made of gula Melaka, rice flour, tapioca flour and dusted with grated coconut has been a repeated request from participants, so here you are! Chef Damian's version of Kueh Kosui is tender, almost wobbly, chewy and not too sweet. 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

Take Home Items

Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

Damian D'Silva
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