Chinese Roasts at Home

Chinese Roasts at Home

29 Sep (Sun) 1.30pm

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29 September (Sunday) 1:30pm-5:00pm : 7

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Chinese roasts are not so intimidating if you have the right techniques and tips. Chef Michele shows you how do-able these favourite roasts can be in the home kitchen. 


1. Peking Roast Duck with Chinese Pancakes

The Peking duck is famous for its crispy skin. To achieve this, learn the technique of preparing the duck, smoking it gently and then roasted in the oven. You will be shown how to crave the skin and wrapped it with a home-made skin-thin Chinese pancakes. Served with hoisin sauce and other condiments, this will be a real delight to impress your friends and family. 

2. Char Siew

An old and trusty secret family recipe that never fails to please the fussiest eater. Made with a simple yet flavour-loaded Char Siu sauce that is marinated into the meat to infuse with flavour and then roasted until caramelised.

3. Five-spice roast chicken

Nothing is more satisfying than biting into a perfectly roasted chicken. Lightly sprinkled with 5-spice powder, certain tricks will be taught to achieve a crispy skin and tender meat underneath.


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