Colonial Connections

Colonial Connections

3 Mar

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Many southeast Asian food cultures bear the imprints of the west, as legacies of the Age of Exploration and the colonies that different empires established. Eurasian and Peranakan cuisines are sterling examples of how ideas and techniques from around the globe can fuse to form dynamic new flavour expressions and perspectives. In this class, Su Pei, Jerry and Christopher present recipes and stories which illustrate the historic - and more importantly, delicious! - traces of west meeting east.

1) Kari Kapitan: perhaps the most famous colonial ‘captain’ curry is ‘country captain’, an Anglo-Indian dish dating back to the days of the Raj. Jerry’s family recipe for this Penang Peranakan classic is a slightly different beast, a dry-style, very fragrant curry which drapes succulent chicken pieces with a thick, spicy gravy infused with turmeric leaves and kaffir lime leaves. It is thought to be named after the local community leaders known as ‘kapitans’ during the colonial occupation periods in Malacca and Penang.

2) Roti Babi: another Penang classic, quite distinct from Southern versions: pockets of sliced ‘roti Benggali’ (traditional kopitiam-style white bread) stuffed with a seasoned minced pork and bangkwang (jicama) mixture, dipped in egg and deep-fried, served with ‘ang moh tau ewe’ (Worcestershire sauce). Su Pei’s recipe calls on precise cutting techniques to yield a scrumptious combination of textures.

3) Home-made Worcestershire Sauce: Christopher’s DIY version of the table condiment originally made famous by the British chemists Lea & Perrins, who reputedly got their recipe from India. A nostalgic and punchy balance of sweet, sour, spicy and umami tastes that is a traditional accompaniment for Penang Roti Babi, as well as a being a great kitchen standby for seasoning stews, dips and fry-ups.

4) Eurasian Chicken Pie: Christopher’s updated recipe for this lavish pie, with a combination of tender chicken, vegetables, sausage chunks and hard-boiled eggs in a lightly spiced broth-based gravy under a blanket of golden, flaky butter shortcrust pastry, all made from scratch. Excellent for festive occasions, potlucks and parties.

5) Traditional Sugee Cake: Christopher’s latest recipe for the local rendition of a cake which has many different ‘cousins’ across former Portuguese outposts in south and southeast Asia – all sharing a rich and addictive family resemblance! Made with semolina, almonds, eggs and a generous amount of butter, it has a signature moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture

Maximum of 12 participants.

Demonstration by Chefs.

Food Tasting

Participants will taste all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.


Baba Jerry, Baba Christopher & Nyonya Supei

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