Chuchi Mulot -Heritage Bites

14 Jun (Fri) 1.30pm

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Meaning ’to wash the mouth’ in Baba Malay, ‘chuchi mulot’ is not really about cleansing your palate, but about giving it much to enjoy! Far from being afterthoughts or mere side attractions, these sweet and savoury snacks are as sophisticated as they are satisfying, packing many flavour dimensions into a single mouthful. Join us for some delicious mouthwashing!

Nyonya Su Pei

1. Nyonya Chye Thao Kueh

A walk down memory lane - Baba Jerry’s grandmother bequeathed her family recipe for this traditional Nyonya kueh to Nyonya Su Pei. A steamed radish rice cake topped with ground roasted peanuts, it is a fine example of how sweet and savoury tastes can harmonise beautifully together.

2. Kueh Cara Berlauk

This traditional Malay kueh is like a tiny complete meal in each bite! in the middle of each golden pan-fried bite is curried minced meat, garnished with a multi-coloured and zesty-tasting combination of chilli and aromatic herbs, cradled by turmeric-tinted batter.

3. Masala Vadai

A classic South Indian street snack made with chana dal and spices, rich in protein as well as in flavour. Your tastebuds will thank you when you bite through its crisp and crunchy crust into its soft and crumbly middle.


Baba Christopher

1. Apong Balik Penang

Belonging to the wider family of Asian pancakes (such as apom bokwah and Indian appam), apong balik are a famous Penang delicacy. These tender little rice and coconut pancakes are folded over a filling of (home made!) creamed fresh sweetcorn and pisang rajah slices.

2. Kue Talam Ebi

An Indonesian cousin of ‘chwee kueh’, this snack tops a steamed coconut milk and rice flour base with a spicy dried shrimp sambal, blending spicy, savoury and lemak nuances in a suave and appealing way.

3. Bolu Puteri Ayu

A beloved Malay kueh with layers of salted grated coconut and fluffy pandan cake, puteri ayu is typically made in small individual portions. Christopher's easy recipe re-envisions the dessert as a large sliceable cake, perfect for parties and potlucks. 


Demonstration by Chefs.

Food Tasting

Participants will taste all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.


Baba Christopher Tan & Nyonya Su Pei

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