Chicken 3 Ways

17 June (Sun) 11am | 22 July (Sun) 10am

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1. Braised Mui Choy Chicken

A fine dining version of braised chicken (whole) stuffed wtih Mui Choy, braised in Chinese herb stock. Savour the tender chicken meat and drizzle the sweet pickled herbal gravy all over your rice. Nothing short of comforting!

2. Paper Wrapped Chicken 

Preparing chicken using the best of both steaming and frying method to get the succulent meat and crispy caramelised skin, so yummy! Learn the authentic way of marinating chicken in the paper wrap way and the correct way of frying the meat so that it stays crispy and delicious. 

3. Prawn Paste Chicken

A common dish found in the Tze Char stall. But this is so well-loved by all that it is worth learning to prepare this the right way, especially that an extra crispy skin -way more delicious than your ordinary fried chicken. 

Maximum of 12 participants. 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.  

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