Bake it Better : Banh Mi (4th Session)

Bake it Better : Banh Mi (4th Session)

20 Aug (Sat) 12pm

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20 August (Saturday) 12:00pm - 4:00pm : 1

$200 for onsite participants.

$190 for ZOOM participants WITH food samples. Discount code ZOOM5.

$180 for ZOOM participants WTHOUT food samples. Discount code ZOOM10.

Yes, you can turn out top-notch banh mi from your home kitchen! Christopher’s suite of recipes for crusty rolls, meaty fillings and accompaniments will enable you to bake, cook and assemble your own Vietnamese-style sandwiches from scratch, from bread upwards.


1. French Loaves
Classic Asian breads which are distinctively different from the baguettes of France – and much easier to make! – these have a soft white crumb inside crisp golden crusts. Learn all the tips and techniques behind them as well as other ways in which to use them.

2. Spicy Lemongrass Pork
Succulent pork shoulder, marinated with lemongrass, a hint of curry powder, garlic and other aromatics, then oven-roasted (or pan-roasted) until juicy and browned. Carved into slices, it makes a deeply flavourful banh mi filling.

3. Grilled Fish Sauce & Lime Leaf Chicken
Boneless chicken meat infused with fish sauce, lime zest and lime leaves, grilled (or pan-fried) to a bronzed finish – save the juices to drizzle over the inside of the sandwich.

4. Carrot & Daikon Pickle
The must-have crunchy and piquant counterpoint to banh mi fillings, this quick pickle of fresh carrots and white daikon radish also makes a great side dish for almost any meal.

5. Garlic & Vietnamese Herb Butter
Christopher’s creation of a compound butter infused with fresh Vietnamese herbs and pounded garlic, great for brushing on banh mi bread.

6.  Banh Mi Seasoning Sauce
Traditionally, Maggi Seasoning is sprinkled over banh mi to lend them savoury depth. This soy-based recipe replicates that umami oomph without using any artificial flavour enhancers.



Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

Onsite participants will bring home a set of food samples. ZOOM participants WITH food samples can opt for self-collection or delivery at no extra cost. 


Christopher Tan
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