Baba Baker 2 - Once Apom a Time

Baba Baker 2 - Once Apom a Time

21 July (Sat) 11am I 28 July (Sat) 11am

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The second class in Christopher’s Baba Baker series celebrates local and regional pan-baked kueh. Many have similar names – from apom and apong to apam and apem – and many share a family resemblance, most notably soft and spongy textures especially well suited to soak up sauces or cling to fillings. Learn tips and techniques for mixing up, cooking and serving these time-honoured treats.


1) Apom Berkuah

Christopher’s new and improved recipe for this classic Peranakan dessert. Rice pancakes with a gentle tanginess and a beautifully silky, crumpet-like texture thanks to a slow-fermented yeasted batter, served with a thick kuah (sauce) of coconut milk, palm sugar and fresh bananas.

2) Serabi Pandan

Pillowy Javanese-style pancakes made with pandan juice and a blend of wheat and rice flours, served with kinca, a coconut milk sauce that highlights the flavour of palm sugar.

3) Apam Perlis Durian

This luscious kuih from northern Malaysia folds thin pandan-infused crepes around a thick durian custard to make heavenly two-bite delights. Easy and addictive!

4) Min Jiang Kueh

A traditional Fujian pancake which has travelled and evolved into many different versions across southeast Asia. Stuffed with a mix of roasted peanuts and sugar, this particular old-school recipe – which is also called martabak manis in Indonesia – has a tender, slightly bouncy texture and a thin, crispy rim.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

Take Home Items

Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

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