Three In One: Spicy Chicken Dishes

Three In One: Spicy Chicken Dishes

7 Nov (Sat) 1pm

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In trying times, reliable recipes are a great ally. Maximise the results of your time in the kitchen with the help of a versatile pantry stand-by: learn how to make a foundation rempah (spice paste) tailored to go with chicken, and use it to whip up three different dishes, each with their own unique appeal.

1. Rempah For Chicken

Composed of common curry spices and quickly whizzed up in a blender, this paste can be used when freshly-made, or frozen raw or cooked for convenient later use.

2. Ayam Golek

Found in both Malaysia and Thailand, this dish slow-simmers chicken in a spicy coconut milk broth, then gives it a final grilling until browned and fragrant. You’d never guess how little hands-on work the scrumptious results actually need!

3. Steamed Chicken Parcels

Inspired by the leaf-wrapped meat dishes made in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, these banana leaf pouches are filled with hand-minced chicken folded together with ] rempah, fresh herb leaves and coconut cream, then steamed until juicy and tender.

4. Thai-Style Fried Pineapple Rice with Chicken

A vibrant and satisfying version of fried rice tossed with rempah-seasoned chicken, a hint of curry powder, bacon, fresh pineapple and cashew nuts. As good for a weeknight dinner as it is for potlucks and parties.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor with partial hands-on.

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack. Local Zoom participants can arrange for delivery at a minimal charge. 

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